A Silent Apocalypse

A day without my cell phone you say?! No way. Look around you, everyone is in the midst of being controlled by social media and they are oblivious to it. When you think about your day, most people would say that their phone or television is interconnected with it.

No Social Media imageI would like to think that I am not controlled by the media but unfortunately I am just like everyone I surround myself with. It is an epidemic for all generations today, between the toddlers I babysit and my 90 year old great grandfather. Social media consists of websites used for social networking and connecting that millions are using everyday for various reasons. We are captivated by electronics and other people’s lives that we can barely focus on our own.

For Mass Communication class I didn’t touch any electronics or media for 24 hours including not listening to music at all. I am not going to lie…this definitely was not easy for me. I am a person that tries to rarely be on their phone because I would rather engage in conversation and show people how interested I am in learning about what they have to say. I started off my day with no alarm because I usually use my phone for an alarm and that was out of the question. It was nice just using the sunlight and my roommate as an alarm opposed to a loud obnoxious beeping. Normally I get ready in the morning with music playing in the background yet this day was different; my roommate and I got ready in silence. I then realized how awkward silence is between my roommate and I, so that kind of put a damper on my day. When I did this experiment on Tuesday, I had four classes so that was distracting me from wanting to use my phone. I usually eat lunch after my mass communications class but I didn’t have my phone to contact any of my friends and ask if they would join me for lunch. So guess what I did for lunch?! (rhetorical) I didn’t eat that day unfortunately until after a few more classes. When I was back in the room my roommate was playing music and it was involuntary on my behalf so I enjoyed as much as I could of it. Walking to my classes I noticed how much longer it seemed to take now that I had nothing to play with or listen to, also realizing how many people around me are distracted by their little cellular devices. Nature goes unnoticed so often and not being able to distract myself I found the beauty in Towson’s environment. More people should pay attention to their surroundings instead of staring down at a rectangular screen. During dinner with some friends I felt out of the loop when they were all texting and scrolling through their news feeds as I just sat there in silence. This was a disadvantage of not having my cellphone, it made me miss the idea and concept of sending texts by the second as they flew up to a satellite in space and back in no time at all. We take that whole process for granted and it made me grateful to be accessible to this technology. It made me sad and uneasy to see that conversation is somewhat destroyed through social media and our generation is losing the abilities

social media takeoverand skills to interact with one another. I called my friends out and asked if it was more important to them to look at their Facebook feed of random people and celebrities than to talk to their good friend with a sarcastic tone. We are all corrupted by the worlds of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and now new apps such as WhatsApp? and Pinterest. The internet is now ubiquitous and you cannot avoid it no matter how hard you try. Even all my classes are focused around using email or online textbooks where a computer is required. I could not escape the media world even if I wanted to, it is omnipresent and inevitable that our society is engulfed by it. By Tuesday night, I didn’t even want to turn my phone back on. I was so disgusted by the idea of everyone and myself being captivated by electronics and online entertainment  that I wanted this day to last longer. This was my advantage, I understood modern society better than my peers at that moment. At times of that day I got bored and did not know what to do with myself besides twiddle my thumbs but it made me do more work, start reading a new book, and notice my surroundings more. I imagined if this was an everyday occurrence, I would be so productive and observant!

I dare you to go a day without any form of mass media and then see how you react to it. Maybe this will help more to figure out if all mass media is good or bad or maybe that is an answer we will never know.


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