The Media Is Hungry

Feed the media with the people. We are all consumed by the media, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you say because we are all part of this media eat people world. It has taken over and there is no going back; we are accustomed to the idea of electronics being our friends and helping us with every problem we come across. “When is too much simply too much??” Soon everything will be through media or digital electronics and we won’t know how to hold a conversation anymore. For 2 days I

Digital-media-by-2020-will-be-80-percentrecorded all the media I was exposed to and kept track of all the patterns that were created. I found this interesting because it would give me an idea of my digital footprint and figure out the amount of hours i actually spend engulfed by media. Both days combined I spent an average of 7 hours watching Netflix movies or shows; I didn’t even care if I was losing hours of sleep by watching a show because somehow I thought in the long run it would be worth it. Unfortunately I always learn the next day that I am wrong when I start to complain about being tired from my 5-6 hours of constant sleep. I noticed that I did not read any books or magazines like I used to if I was bored, now I go straight to my laptop or cell-phone. This was a disappointing surprise because if I am not reading then I am not really learning and using my mind daily as much as I should be exercising it. I was in my car and was blasting the music like I usually do, and looked at the next sign realizing that I just missed the Towson exit and had to turn around at the next exit. That really made me conclude that being so engrossed in my music had me lose focus on where I was and what I was doing. Not only can that cause someone to miss their exit, but can cause an accident. I roughly calculated how many times I used my cellphone over the 2 days and came to: 225 text messages sent and 45 minutes of talking on the phone with family members. The amount of texts I had sent was shocking! I had no idea just holding a conversation with some friends could add up to that many instant messages. Apparently I use my cell phone more than I though I did and that is not what I wanted to hear. I used Facebook for about 2 hours over these two days, which is significantly less than most people I know. I noticed when there was ads on an app or Facebook or music that my mind kind of just mentally blocked it out to the point where I had to try to notice them if I wanted to. Advertisements are literally everywhere our eyes can see and they are unavoidable. I was probably exposed to advertisements on everything I clicked on or everywhere I went. I listened to music walking to class and being in my room or car for a total of 9 hours during the 2 days. All of my homework I had encountered was through websites and therefore spent 4 more hours on my computer just doing homework while using the internet and being attacked by social media.

People contact networkI noticed that I was getting a headaches at points and it was clearly related to the amount of time spent looking at a screen or listening to music too loud. Everything our generation is doing on electronics does not benefit our health and can actually have an effect on us that we never would have thought of. I also observed that a pattern I had was that every time I would be waiting somewhere by myself I would resort to pulling out my phone and pretending something interesting was on it even if there was nothing. (I am not the only person that does that!)

The use of media consumed by our population is increasing rapidly every year and soon it is predicted that we will be spending over 15 hours a day through the world of media. This can’t be stopped but it can be accepted and used more wisely than it is today. After those 2 days I have been using electronics a lot less to the extent that my roommate asked “Is everything okay? You haven’t been on your phone lately.” I thought it was so funny that she thought it was abnormal to not always be attached to a phone. Just by reading my blog you are using social media and probably have more tabs open with Facebook, Twitter, Email, or Pinterest; don’t be ashamed because the whole population can be accused of this. Maybe you should think about how your media habits change daily and how you can improve them because mine made me look at the world differently. 


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