Real Or Ideal World?

Is there really such thing as a perfect world? Twenty Five years into the future can change a lot about what is going on around us. Let’s talk about what our world would be like in the year 2035. It is so far yet so close yet to today that there are many predictions Imageabout what will happen during the year 2035 online and talked about in today’s conversations. Basically, the future can hold two different outcomes; one being a better life and the other being a worse life. Unfortunately we will not know which it will be until we are patient enough to see what the future brings us. Obviously we are all hoping for the utopian vision rather than the dystopian vision because Americans tend to be optimistic when it comes to talking about the future. 

My utopian vision would be when cars fly and everyone gets along and there is no war going on. This is a utopian vision because it seems to be unrealistic and too good to be true. It would be a better way of living because most likely we would have something like teleportation devices that could transport us from place to place. People would be so lazy that they just want to be moved place to place instead of physically walking or driving. The flying cars would also be handy with going places because the speed limits and speeds that cars can fly/drive will increase dramatically over the years. The government would be so much more relaxed because the robots will take all of their stresses away and there will be no malfunctions with the new technology. Robots will become our best friends and help us learn and make good decisions. Everything will be a lot better for humanity overall.  Image

The dystopia vision would be when cars fly and cause a lot more causalities and accidents around the world. The world will go mad after figuring out the actual concept of how robots work and how we will become enslaved by them and technology. Technology would own us and take over the government and people wouldn’t know what to do. This would cause so much harm to society that our generation would start depleting and becoming extinct. The next generation will become obese from having flying cars and transportation devices and being so lazy. Also the human interaction will no longer exist because of all the technology that we have so called “improved.” 

My life in 2035 will hopefully be very joyous and productive for me. I will be 40 years old and hopefully have a big family and a great job in public relations. My family will own our own flying car and have our robot and talking house (if that’s what is going on in society). I might not have a great job because public relations in mass communications might not be needed as much anymore. People aren’t going to watch celebrities as much because they have their robots to entertain them instead of reality television. Film, radio, and television won’t be needed anymore due to the technology we will be engulfed in. My husband was in advertising and he still will have a good job because the flying cars and new robots need to be advertised everywhere so more people buy them. 

Communication will be completely different because we have become so dependent on technology to communicate with each other. Emojis and statuses convey actual emotion and what is on our mind instead of physically talking to each other in person. I hate the fact that even in 2014 we are starting to lose face-to-face interaction and I don’t know if we will ever be able to gain that back. 



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