What Is A Real Conversation?

According to a USA Today article “How Facebook Changed Our Lives” written by Jon Swartz describes how Facebook turns 10 years old this year. (10 A.F.-After Facebook) The article describes how different life was before and after Mark Zuckerberg’s invention of Facebook. 

“In just a decade, the social media juggernaut has transformed the way we interact.” It is explained in the article how before Facebook people actually had to express their emotions, for example if they were happy they would smile and laugh instead of just sending an emoji that describes it. They refer to pre-Facebook times as ‘intimacy’ and say how it can be bad and good which I totally agree. 


The movie The Social Network soon came out and went into more detailed about how the idea of Facebook actually came about and worked with the viewers. Whenever Facebook decreases with publicity and users, it always finds a way to bounce back to number one in stocks and in the social networking competition. 

I was astonished by the facts in this article, such as when they mention in 2004 1 million people liked the site, and then five years later 250 million people liked it. That statistic seemed to be unbelievable to me but also made me realize how they changed society forever. Contrary to popular belief, Facebook did help society a lot and didn’t just create bad social norms that we now have. Mark Zuckerberg did have a brilliant idea when he first created this, and had no expectations to destroy human interaction. He just wanted to get us out of the email-era we were stuck in and create more connections. 

Most people don’t recall what life was like before Facebook and to be honest, neither do I. Facebook helps you discover new things everyday about your friends, family or just what is going on in society. Another fact within this article I learned was that Facebook has the same amount of users as the Catholic Church has members. I thought that was so fascinating but at the same time I was a little disgusted with that fact. Image

“Is Facebook losing its cool factor?” That is the most recent question asked by Facebook officials. We learn how social networks affect society by asking and researching the kids. Meaning that we try to learn how Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, WhatsApp, and Instagram affect how people are socially active in today’s world. When you really look into the social interaction in this era with media of all kinds being present, you see how human contact has decreased. 

The article is ended by Jon Swartz saying “AOL opened up people to the internet. Facebook opened up people to each other.” That was powerful because it really did, it really created people to connect with everyone and anyone they wanted to. 

I really liked this article because it taught me a lot about Facebook facts that I did not know. Social media is destroying human interaction face-to-face slowly but we have to learn to accept it and just make the best out of what we can. Social media is even impacting the classroom and workplaces that we are in every day and add to our distractions. USA Today really taught their viewers about how Facebook has changed our lives and the impact it has had. Ultimately, what is a really conversation? Is it over Facebook, over the phone(texting), or in person? Hopefully in person is your answer!



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