Marketing Madness

After watching Consuming Kids(2010) in class I learned a lot more about the whole marketing industry and all the ideas that go behind the creation of products and placement of them. I learned that kids have all the power involved in what is bought through their parents. This movie talked all about product placement in shows and movies such as in American Idol when they purposely always face the coke bottle towards the camera. It is the little things that the viewer doesn’t realize is done on purpose that matters.

ImageBasically the real competition is between what company can nag the consumer the most in order to win their brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is cradle to grave respect which begins after the child is 6 months old because then they can start to recognize brands. Age compression has begun which means children are getting older younger(faster).

In 1984 President Reagan deregulated children advertisements which required a lot of work. Over a thousand products are linked to one movie such as Spider Man or the Ninja Turtles. Brand awareness is everywhere and sponsors is how money is made. 3 year olds and 5 year olds vary so much with what they want so marketers really have to have a target audience to know who they want to buy their product. They focus on the touch stones which is the emotional attachment to characters from what they watch. The promoter has to try and reach the kids away from their parents so that it is the kids jobs to get their parents attention to buy the product.

Overall I learned a lot from this video and definitely made me notice and realize that everywhere you go and look you see brands. They are everywhere around you in stores, on television, even on the road. We are living life by this motto “you are what you have” which is such a ridiculous standard because people then feel the need to try to impress each other with buying expensive products.Image



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