Product Placement Attached

Product placement is everywhere, we can’t escape it when we are watching television shows or movies. I recently watched a 2011 movie No Strings Attached and tried to notice what product placement was subtle and if I ever noticed it before. Within the first 5 minutes two colleges were mentioned and advertised(M.I.T. and University of Michigan) along with a 90210 reference. I was already surprised at how obvious it was to me when I was actually paying attention to it.Unknown

No Strings Attached is a movie about a guy and a girl after college that get back together from when they were 14 years old and hook up. They keep it going with trying to keep their relationship strictly physical but they soon realize that no one can have a relationship without emotions. They both try to suppress their feelings for each other but they eventually know they don’t want it to be just physical anymore. You will have to watch the movie to find out more!

As I continued watching the movie I noticed the amount of iPhones that they strategically used and all of the Stella Artois beer that they were drinking. I researched that the production company actually slightly blurred out the Stella Artois logo on the beer bottle because it was advertising their brand too much and was more like a commercial for Stella than a movie. I thought that was smart that they blurred it out because it looked really obvious that they placed it their on purpose.

I think this product had the most success in being noticed and remembered in this movie because of the frequency it was shown in scenes. I also think it helped Stella Artois become more popular because of the target audience this film was aimed towards. It targeted young single people that are more likely to go out drinking and have a fun time and maybe now they will chose this beer instead of another one at the bar

Unknown-1Toyota Prius, BMW, Audi A3, and Dodge Challenger were also throughout the film that will help their sale rates increase. 7-up, Coco-Cola, and Patron were brand name drinks that were shown during the movie. Sprinkles Cupcakes, Trojan, Under Armor, and USA Today were all product placement in No Strings Attached and were subtle enough were it wasn’t obvious to the viewer that they did it on purpose. Paramount did a great job with the subliminal product placement and messages they were trying to get across to the audience. 

Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman were the main actor and actress in the movie and Ashton was also one of the producers of the film. He really knows how to work with product placement and incorporate advertising into a movie unnoticeably. No Strings Attached earned $20.3 million in their weekend gross of the movie releasing. 

This movie had over 30 products that were brought into the making of the movie and watching this the second time made me notice a lot more what was strategically placed. These products were probably chosen because they fit into the film well and would get attention from the audience they were trying to reach. Paramount and the box office made a lot of money from the products they incorporated and from the film being a success. As we watch movies, hopefully we will continue to notice the products that are placed to advertise and sponsor the movie instead of ignoring them subconsciously. 


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