Reaction to Media History Film

In class the other day we watched a film called Media History and it really got me thinking. When I changed my major to mass communication last semester I never realized how much media plays a part of it. It really interests me how media has changed over the years and how well the film depicted how media used to be. I couldn’t fathom how they predicted the future of the communication world to become. The film was created in 1998 and now, 16 years later we are sending texts and video chatting on our phones instead of writing letters across the state or country.

I really was fascinated by how narrowcasting works in the media world. The people that work with the media industry really think about what age bracket and gender they are trying to reach. That is a really good reference to learn about how each station and show actually reaches out to a specific group of people. Narrowcasting is a really important aspect of the media and will always be used to focus on certain audiences. Today there is an obnoxious amount of television channels we have available to us that we can choose from. Literally everyone in the world has to find a channel or show that can be a perfect fit to their liking. Everything is through media now, whether it is learning about the news or learning about celebrity drama and gossip. This film really just opened up my eyes to see the reality of the inside in media history and the future of media. I wonder where media will go next..